Design and branding is a journey
so make it a good one.

Branding and marketing is a journey
so make it a good one.

Pascal Lacroix – Brand Voice

Personality and voice. I knew from the first moment I spoke with Pascal that I had to have his voice on the website. He has a french accent and when he speaks his voice relaxes you.

The outcome was this very personal, brand-buildingĀ  narrative video. It immediately deepens the connection with visitors. It helps visitors relate to his work in a more meaningful way than just browsing through still images.

The audio was directed remotely. The video content was captured by Pascal himself and a friend of his. I edited the final piece to tell the story about how he works and designs at his studio in the mountains.

Below is another short video, this time speaking about a specific piece created for the Flight theme of the American Design Council, Living Collection.

Design, direction, editing and production, by Katja Maas

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