Aesthetics communicate value and
design shapes the experience.

Studio Agency Model

Milton Glaser and Katja Maas
Milton Glaser, my dear friend and mentor, and me, Katja Maas

Studio Agency Model

What to expect from a Studio Agency

YOU CAN EXPECT the same range of inhouse capabilities of an agency — the full range of disciplines, multi-sector, international and cultural experience agencies offer but with the speed, agility and efficient pricing of a lean design studio.
I have run my studio agency for over fifteen years. I predominantly work with clients who come to me by recommendation. I provide the full range of services offered by an agency but with the agility, speed and affordability of a studio. This modern studio model is ideal for small to medium sized business from the private sector and not-for-profits. My clients enjoy fluid access to comprehensive creative capabilities inhouse, including print, web, social media, photography, video and copywriting. Clients also utilize local, national and international experience as well as cross-sector insights as they grow their business and extend their reach.

the-i-love-new-york-logo designed by Milton Glaser in 1977

Practicing first in Europe and then for almost 20 years in New York City where I worked for the leading design firm, Milton Glaser Inc before running my own studio — I bring experience, connection and capabilities second to none. What matters most to my clients is that they can rest at ease and implicitly trust my experience, marketing guidance and design capabilities.
Imagination and energy are always abundant but integrity is the foundation for everything.
“Katja is a force of nature” – Milton Glaser
Creating brand strategies and marketing collateral such as web, print, social media and video services go without saying, helping you turn a vision into reality, differentiation and communicating what you do best then driving engagement, empowering your team and sweating your investment are what I do best.
“Katja is passionate about creating a future that is better for all, and particularly enjoys working with businesses with common goals that share a vision for a better world.” – Ellen Raphael
Branding and marketing is a journey that can stretch over years. It is paramount to select a partner with integrity and that they are someone you are going to enjoy working with. As the owner of my business and the lead creator of the work, I serve as the primary contact for every client and guarantee the consistency and quality of all the work. Let’s talk and we can explore whether we are a good fit.
You can only work with someone you like.
— Milton Glaser