Design and branding is a journey
so make it a good one.

Branding and marketing is a journey
so make it a good one.

A La Carte Hourly Rates

AFAs and Discounts

There are five alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) available. Retainer arrangements are the most popular and have guaranteed discounts (20%-40% off). 

1. Fixed fee arrangement: A fixed fee for the project is agreed in advance. Partial payment is required in advance.
2. Success fee: A low base fee is paid up front along with a contract for future share of the success of the project.
3. Retainer arrangement: (The most popular fee arrangement.) A fixed monthly fee is paid for specific work needed. At the end of the period the arrangement is reviewed and can be renewed. Discounts determined by magnitude and or longevity of retainer (20%-40% off)
4. Business interest: If you need a lot of work but have no funds to at the time of the work, an interest in the business that reflects the investment can be exchanged for the work needed.
5. Contra arrangement: On occasion, an “in kind” or “contra” arrangement can be agreed where goods or services are exchanged for consultancy or design work done.


We offer a 40% discount for not-for-profit organizations, the arts and or education institutions. This applies to both retainer and one off projects.

Pricing by Project

If you have a project budget to work to – see the fixed fee arrangement above.


Packages and Add-ons

Don’t see what you are looking for? You can get in touch here.

Landing Page

You have an event, a new campaign, or you want a curated entry page from social media
$ 1,500
  • WIX

Website Restyling

You have a website, it has content, it functions well, BUT the look and feel gets you down.
$ 3,500
  • WIX

New Website

You need a website or your website is off-. brand & lacks functionality to serve purpose.
$ 5,000+
  • WIX

Video Content

You have a website and social channels but ... you need engaging content created.
$ 500+

A La Carte Hourly Rates

Any creative activity listed below can be purchased for as little as a single hour. For example, if you want to brainstorm for an hour and tap into the richness of more than 25 years insight and experience – it’s easy… just get in touch and we can arrange a meeting or a zoom.