Aesthetics communicate value and
design shapes the experience.

Three things I do really well

yes no animation

1. Help you communicate what you do best

This is a three step process. First, I learn all about you, your business and your vision for it. Then I learn all about your audience (target market and stakeholders) and what’s important to them. I filter everything to reveal new connections between the two and boil these results down to their essence.

From this process your most powerful and compelling value proposition emerges in a new form. By working together we transform it into strategically engaging content and collateral that is articulate and differentiated from your competition.

“Katja helps business leaders realize their vision”
— Brendon Cragie, CEO Tyto PR

2. Help you to communicate in a digital world

To help you communicate meaningfully, I first help you identify which platform(s) are best for you and what kind of activity will suit. I work out a strategy that works hard for you and creates value for your audience. I can set up new accounts, or reorganize and shape your existing account settings to align with these objectives.
Interaction drives impact. With an agreed plan in place, I can supply you and your team with tailored easy-to-follow practical steps for how to get involved and amplify your online presence.
Emotional connection. Human beings read energy intuitively and our responses are emotional. My work is rich with energy and emotion. With great speed, I can create high-engagement content in static, video or animated form. For example, link
These musical trailers make you want to go – the energy is tangible and you can really feel what the show is like
— woman from target audience

3. Help you sweat the investment

Asset Creation. Yes. This is one of the most valuable things I do over time as I work with a client to build their brand. I create digital assets that independently and in combination articulate your brand and tangibly cement it in the minds of your audiences, investors and stake holders. All your hard work can go unnoticed without high quality assets that are either elegant records of, or creative artifacts of your history.

Layers of value. With my diverse skills and multi-sector experience nothing is created in a vacuum. Expansive thinking and breadth of experience shapes everything I do for you. The work I do naturally grows and evolves over time. Brands develop fully and projects are easily expanded upon or repurposed to extend their value.

Scale and agility. From my extensive network built up over two decades in New York and Europe, I can rally teams of world class talent that bring unrivaled capabilities to any project without the prohibitive costs or geographic limitations of an agency. Alternatively, for more modest budgets, my own skill set supports multi-media and diverse applications few can match.

Integrity. In my experience, independents put the client first whereas employees have no choice but to put agency profit and their own job first. This difference in priorities means more bang for your buck. The quality and outcome of the work I do for you is my number one concern as with my associates. It’s simple. Our reputations rely on it.

Case studies: A website design that transforms into a series of course programs (or pitch decks) to print out and handout. A movie style trailer video from a handful of stills that spins out multiple social share content. A data reporting system that creates a better workflow for analysts and can be sold on to other reporting agencies as a white label template.

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