Design and branding is a journey
so make it a good one.

Branding and marketing is a journey
so make it a good one.

Logo/Corporate Identity/ Brand Mark planning info

There are many things to consider when designing a mark. These questions are designed to inform the design process of your new mark and clarify my understanding your business/organization. Please complete to the best of your ability. It will establish key parameters and form the design planning brief. Feel free to use it for briefing other agencies and or for seeking competitive quotes.

Options: I am happy to complete the form with you over Zoom (recommended) or Whereby, or email the fillable PDF version to you should you prefer to complete is off-line. Please email me if you prefer either of these options.

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Basic information

List any that you have parked as well.
Please list all of them. If you don't have any yet, please list preliminary thoughts on what you would like them to be.