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Day 2 – Rothesay Pavilion Jitterbug Game

The Rothesay Pavilion has the biggest and most famous sprung dance floor in Scotland. It’s dance heritage goes back to before the Second World War. This is a new take on the old favorite BeetleDrive game. Visit the Rothesay Pavilion creative activities page for more fun things to do.


To start the game, take turns throwing your dice. Each player has to throw a 6 to start drawing the body of their first jitterbug. Before adding eyes and antennae, you have to throw a 5 to draw the head. For each leg you have to throw a 3; for each eye you have to throw a 2; for each antenna you’ll need to throw a 1; and each wing needs you to throw a 4.

Every time someone completes a Jitterbug, each player totals the score for their bug and writes it on the line for that square. Then the next round starts on the next square. At the end of twelve rounds you total up all your scores and the highest total wins the game.

Dice values and jitterbug body parts are: