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Day 55 – Zoom meeting animation for social media

40 Days and 40 Nights of COVID19

Day 55 – A online fundraiser invitation graphics for Judge Rebull campaign for re-election in Miami, hosted by MM&H and 21 law firms in Miami.ZOOM fundraiser animation for social mediaOn social media, particularly Instagram, its always more eye catching to use a little animation rather than a still image especially for something like a date.

Animation Tips for Instagram

1. Infinite and smooth looping

You always have to think in a loop if you want your video to have smooth, infinite motion. Otherwise it will have an awkward jump cut as it repeats indefinitely on the platform.

2. Control the first frame

Instagram uses the first frame as the still image on your stream so if the first frame isn’t the best frame for this, or especially if is is blank, start slightly into the animation, repeat the beginning and end where you started. This ensures you have control of your first frame and you can make it interesting or informative as a still.

3. Experiment with MS Powerpoint for animation

This animation was created in MS PowerPoint. I always resisted PowerPoint until I discovered its animation capabilities. At that point I found new respect and admiration for it because its easy to use and possible for clients to edit and adapt without them having to purchase and train in fancy animation software.