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Day 39 – Lawsome News – email newsletter

Company Culture and Brand

Brand values and company culture come through everything you do and everything you say, in particular during times of crisis.

Lawsome News: Issue 4 (during the Coronavirus pandemic)

Opening message:

As the “new normal” becomes plain old “normal,” we find ourselves missing some of the more mundane points of the “old normal.” We miss office coffee, the white noise of hallway chatter and whirring printers, the gentle pinging-and-ponging in the background punctuated with the primal screams of a defeated adversary. But then I realized something… strange: I missed my morning commute. And I’m not talking about missing the friendly Miami drivers, bless their hearts. I missed the company of my passenger for 40 minutes a day on my way to and from work: music.

So Play That Funky Music, The Beat Goes On, Don’t Stop The Music – this newsletter is dedicated to one of humanity’s oldest companions.

I think this is possibly the first law newsletter to come with its own playlist…