Aesthetics communicate value and
design shapes the experience.

Art Direction for US Powergen

US Powergen had a terrific founding team with creative ideas and a passion to lead the way. I worked with Adam Allan on this project. He enthusiastically supported my suggestion to commission world-renowned artist photographer, David Eustace to create a totally unique portfolio of images. We ended up with something extraordinary. The remarkable images were used in numerous applications from financial reporting to art on the office walls around in both the head office and throughout the generating stations.

That was was my brief to David – to treat this with the passion an art student has when they are first given a camera and told to capture everything that interested them. (27 selected images, double click to watch full screen)

Ordinary things made reverential when seen through David’s lens. (View 27 of the 100+ Eustace images, double click to watch full screen)


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