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Day 18 – Thinking About the Future

This is my daughter’s voice and wisdom. It is her’s and my son’s generation that I think about when I think about the future.

Coronavirus has demonstrated that the world can come together and do something collectively for the benefit of all. This makes me optimistic that we can tackle climate change. I think about is that in as little as ten years “staying at home” will provide no safety against the weather and sea-levels unless we act now. I don’t expect the world to stop, but I do think we have discovered that there are many ways we can get by on a little less and many ways to reduce waste and pollute a little less.

If literally everyone does just a little less then the impact will be enormous. So far everyone has left climate change to politicians to argue about and corporations to utilize for marketing and social responsibility – but that will not be enough. We all know this now by firsthand experience of the already changing weather. Worryingly the narrative in dramas (the stealth source of truth) has changed from climate change to climate migration – like it never was a question and we have now moved into phase two – actually happening.

There is no more time to waste. If we let the phrase “less is more” guide us, the future will change. All we have to do is just a little less and our children could have so much more of a future.