Aesthetics communicate value and
design shapes the experience.

Mobile Brochures Breakthrough

Mobile brochures can be an ideal solution to situations where print is either impractical, not sustainable or cost prohibitive. They are easy to store and share from smart phone to smart phone. They are lightweight and portable. They take up no physical space and have only the most minimal impact on the planet. They don’t need to be recycled and they don’t use natural resources. They can be updated as often as you like.


They are ideal if you are discussing your business, program or offering in a casual setting and don’t want to weight down an serendipitous opportunity with cumbersome printed literature.

They are ideal as resources because you can always have them with you.

They can be endlessly replicated as needed without “reprinting”. They are easy to modify, update and or adapt to other forms (eg print or story).


Easy to Adapt to a Story

An added bonus and additional consideration is that the dimensions of a mobile brochure can be the same as Instagram Stories. This allows repurposing. The only difference is that an Instagram story is not a pdf. A Story can be either a series of separate screens or a video. Both of these are easy to create from mobile brochure. Depending on the source software these conversions can be done in one or two steps.