Design and branding is a journey
so make it a good one.

Branding and marketing is a journey
so make it a good one.

From Derelict to Chic

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An artist with passion and imagination can transform anything.

Street art has transformed Bushwick in Brooklyn in to the seventh most chic neighborhood in the world according to Ann Wintour of Vogue (Click here for the full list). Perhaps it will be transformative for you too when you take a piece of street art home with you.

Ever wondered how to, or where to buy street art?  How do you find the elusive source? How do you know you are buying the real thing?

You can find the real deal and even watch it happen before your very eyes when you visit any of my friend and client’s pop-up beer garden galleries in and around Bushwick and Brooklyn, New York and in Wynwood (during Miami Art Basil)



I visited Wynwood in Miami for the first time. The Brooklyn Beer Garden was there. I helped hang their exhibition.
Thanks to MM&H, I discovered that Wynwood’s transformation from derelict to chic was in fact strategically planned by a developer named Tony Goldman – the force behind the revival of SoHo and South Beach, he had a knack for seeing thriving, artsy neighborhoods when others could only see urban plight.
Glodman enabled and encouraged street art by making it legal. His vision was that the entire Wynwood neighborhood would become a canvas for urban street art. The result is an incredibly colorful, ever changing, lively and energized community driven by artists – with very valuable real estate! In the center are The Wynwood Walls, where the best of the best street artists from around the world are invited to paint on a series of features walls.


Pictures to come.

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